Dr. Patrick Briggs Standpoint On Procedures That Deliver Your Desired Breast Size

Cosmetic surgery has been advancing over the years to make procedures much safer with less intrusion. Dr. Patrick Briggs has been at the forefront in availing procedures that are safe and that provide the best results. He has many years of experience in carrying out cosmetic surgeries that focus on the abdomen such as the tummy tuck and procedures that focus on the breasts.

Procedures that are mainly focused on the breasts include the breast lift and breast implants. Breast implants are used to increase the size of your breasts and restore their shape and fullness. Dr. Briggs is an expert in breast augmentation and has carried out hundreds of successful procedures in Perth.

Consulting The Surgeon

Before you go through the breast augmentation procedure, you need to consult with a certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Briggs. This is a good time to express what you expect from the procedure and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure. You may need to share the reason as to why you want breast implants. You will also need to provide information on your medical history including current ailments and medications. It is important to be as open as possible and provide detailed information as this will increase the chances of a successful procedure.

Preparations For Surgery

Dr. Patrick Briggs will allow you to undergo a breast implant surgery once it is confirmed that you are in good health. Before the surgery, your breasts will be examined to check the quality of your skin and the position of the nipples. Measurements and photos of your breasts will also be taken since this information is helpful in determining the technique that will bring out the best result.

Dr. Briggs finds it very important to discuss with patients the technique that he thinks will work best and will listen to patient views so that he and the patient can settle on what is agreeable to both parties. Medication that is to be taken before the procedure may be provided. There is also medication that you may be required to stop taking if it will interfere with the procedure.

Breast Implant Placement

There are different ways that are advanced by Dr. Briggs through which the implants can be placed within the breasts. The implant can be placed between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. It can also be placed under the chest muscle. If your implant is placed between the chest muscle and the breast tissue, the risk of the chest muscle getting damaged is reduced. You will also experience less discomfort after surgery due to the natural positioning of the implant. However, implants placed under the chest muscle will ripple less due to more tissue cover.

Care After The Surgery

After the surgery, your breasts are likely to be swollen and uncomfortable. Drains may be placed under your skin so as to manage the swelling. Dr. Patrick Briggs recommends wearing a support bra for the first few months to support the breasts as they heal. You should not lift heavy objects or involve yourself in rigorous exercise for the first month. However, you will be able to go back to most of your activities within six weeks.

Your breasts may seem to be in an unnaturally high position after the surgery but they will gradually settle with time. The scars will fade gradually over time but you should not expose them to direct sunlight for the first one year.